MHz Networks works with local and national independent producers to aggregate thought-provoking original production with a global community focus. The programs listed below are featured on MHz Worldview DC (MHz Networks 1) in the D.C. metro area.


The African World
Sundays 2:30 PM
Roundtable discussion program providing context, analysis, and perspective of the news coming out of Africa.  Broadcast in English.


Capital Forum, The
Saturdays, 9 AM
Talk show dialogue showcasing Washington D.C. based leaders within the fields of finance, politics, business, medical innovation, engineering, law, philanthropy. Broadcast in English, Hindi and Urdu. Distributed by Global TV Network.


Carib Nation
Sundays, 2:30 PM
CaribNation is a magazine formatted show that provides a blend of hard hitting analysis, reports, interviews, featured segments, and profiles of people in the news.  Broadcast in English.


China Forum
Sundays, 2 PM
A weekly public affairs and issues program on China and U.S. relations.  Broadcast in English.


Saturdays, 11 AM
This South Asian program spotlights celebrity entertainers from Bollywood and around the world. Though primarily produced in English, this hour-long program also features songs and segments in Hindi.


Facets of Religions in India
Saturdays, 1 PM
Facets f Indian Religions will showcase the deep vedic mantras, the spiritual aspects, yoga, religious traditions, deep rooted culture, music & meditation of Indian religions.


Khushi Ki KHabar
Sundays, 10 AM 
Weekly program focused on spreading the message of love, peace, and harmony within the community. Produced & distributed by Global Television Network. Broadcast in English and Hindi.


Kolors of India
Sundays, 9 AM
Weekly program focusing on the different states and dialects of India,to include: Hindi, Urdu, English, Punjabi, Maly alam, Telegu, Tamil and Kannada, among others. Produced by Global Television Network, broadcast in Hindi/ English/ Urdu.


Mehfil, Mehfil
Sundays, Noon
Produced in Urdu, this program showcases documentaries and features an education segment on Islam.


Nepal Darshan TV
Sundays, 1:30 PM
A weekly magazine/documentary style show featuring conversations with influential people from inside and outside of Nepal about Nepal. It will focus on the current happenings in Nepal and around the world within the Nepali community.


Rainmakers TV
Sundays, 2:30 PM
Rainmakers.TV: From the bottom to the top of the pyramid, join the World’s Changemakers as they Highlight the World’s Problems . . . and What They’re Doing to Fix Them. Distributed by Rainmakers.TV. Broadcast in English.


Sagarmatha TV
Sundays, 12:30 PM
Sagarmatha Television is the first Nepali television program to broadcast outside of Nepal. This program shows different aspects of the Nepali cultural heritage. Sagarmatha TV introduces viewers to Nepal an its rich culture, dance, and music. It also features weekly news direct from Nepal and Nepali community news covering

local events in the Washington Metro Area and in other parts of the world. This hour long program is produced in both Nepali and English languages.


Salaam India
Saturdays, Noon
This show highlights different aspects of the rich culture and heritage of the South Asian continent, including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India. Salaam India features segments about art, theatre, dance, music videos, fashion, politics, local talent and community news.  Broadcast in English.


Women’s Worldview
Saturdays, 10 AM
Issues affecting and involving women of the world. Distributed by Global Television Network. In English or Hindi with English subtitles.