MHz Launches The Top Story, A Digital Global News Short

FALLS CHURCH, VA- MHz Networks brings globally-minded viewers, newsies and those interested in foreign affairs a new way to engage with global news. 


The Top Story (TTS) is the only digital short delivering each day’s biggest global story back to back in English, as told by MHz Networks premier international news broadcast partners, including Al Jazeera  English, ANI, Arirang TV, BON TV, CCTV, Deutsch Welle, Ethiopian TV, euronews, France 24, RT, RT Espanol and VTV America.


Frederick Thomas, MHz Chief Executive says, "This is perhaps the simplest way for viewers to get a sense of the nuances and outright differences of opinion in the world we live. We live in a globally connected age but still have a long way to go to truly understand each other. The Top Story is another way that MHz is trying to help."


TTS launches daily each afternoon on, as well on MHz Networks iOS and Android apps for mobile and tablet, on Google TV and YouTube.


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