RainmakersTV Joins MHz Networks’ Lineup

FALLS CHURCH, VA – RainmakersTV, the Seattle-based nonprofit interview and documentary media entity has joined independent, non-commercial
broadcaster MHz Networks’ prestigious channel line-up in the US.

Beginning in November 2012, viewers will be able to watch regular half-hour programs of RainmakersTV  interviews with people making a positive
impact around the world. The shows will include all originally-produced content by RainmakersTV from events, on-locations, and in its Seattle


RainmakersTV shorts, excerpts from interviews, will also be seen nationally on MHz Worldview at various times throughout its programming lineup.
These shorts will highlight specific actions from the people and organizations covered in addition to  longer form interviews.


“It’s equally important for MHz to show good stories of progress from around the world next to content from our premier international broadcast
partners,” said Frederick Thomas, Chief Executive and Founder of MHz Networks. “Our viewers look toward the MHz brand to bring them the best
access to global story-telling and information. This is a perfect fit.”


RainmakersTV was established to communicate stories of leadership, innovation and social responsibility that inspire global transformation. It
began airing in 2010 and has interviewed people supported by organizations such as international non-profit Global Impact, UN Foundation, Cherie
Blair Foundation, Grameen Foundation, Nike, Mastercard Foundation, Hershey, the US Department of State, and many more. The interviews highlight
global activities in pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals, among other things.


“We are thrilled to be joining MHz’s impressive programming,” said Stan Emert, President of RainmakersTV. “Our founding premise is that there are
many people directly engaging to tackle the world’s most difficult problems. We bring stories from all levels of the economic pyramid ”


Rainmakers content will reach over 35 million households throughout the U.S. via MHz Worldview broadcast and cable affiliates in:
Los Angeles- KCET; Chicago, IL- WYCC; San Francisco, CA- KCSM; Washington, DC- WNVC/MHz Networks; Tacoma-Seattle, WA- KBTC;
Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown, OH- WNEO/WEAO; Minneapolis, MN- MPS Cable; Miami, FL- WLRN; Denver, CO- KBDI; Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FL-
WCEU; Charlotte, NC- WTVI; Nashville, TN- WNPT; Salt Lake City, UT- UEN (statewide); Grand Rapids/ Kalamazoo/Beaver Creek, MI- WGVU;
Spokane/Yakima, WA- KWSU/KTNW; New Orleans, LA- WLAE; Las Vegas, NV- Vegas PBS; Richmond, VA- WCVE; Flint, MI- WDCQ; Charleston, IL- WEIU;
Plattsburgh, NY- Mountain Lake PBS (WCFE); Lansing, MI- LCC TV; Moline, IL (Quad Cities)- WQPT; Athens, OH- WOUB; Warrensburg, MO- KMOS; Topeka,
KS- KTWU; Rochester-Austin, MN- KSMQ; Charlottesville, VA- WHTJ; St.Paul, MN- St. Paul Neighborhood Network; Stanford, CA- Stanford University
Cable. MHz Worldview also blankets the U.S. satellite footprint on DirecTV. 

For more information, please visit www.mhznetworks.org.   


For information on RainmakersTV: Stan Emert - 206-250-9839 [email protected]

About RainmakersTV A “rainmaker” — a recipient, an NGO, or a donor — is a person or organization who collaborates to work to overcome today’s
greatest challenges. RainmakersTV will produce a documentary series established to communicate stories of leadership, innovation and social
responsibility that inspire global transformation. Rainmakers also produces interview programs with those having global impact.
RainmakersTV NGO is a Washington-state nonprofit corporation with studio affiliations in Seattle, WA. For more information, visit:  www.rainmakers.tv.


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